Danny signs new record deal…

Press Release 27/07/2111
We are very pleased to announce that we have just signed with Jazzhaus Records in Germany, they will be releasing our live DVD and CD in February 2012. www.jazzhausrecords.com

We are thrilled to be working for this dynamic label!

In view of this exciting development Jazzhaus Booking Agency will be taking over our bookings for Germany and Austria in the future. www.jazzhausbooking.com

Our thanks go to King Bee Music Agency for all their great work on these territories for us in the past, and who will, of course, continue to book us in the Benelux countries. www.kingbeemusic.nl

Our thanks also go to Continental Record Services in Holland, our previous record label, for their support in the past few years.

We are looking forward to a strong union with all concerned, and anticipate great things for the future.